About divorce attorney Avivit Moskovich

The legal firm of Avivit Moskovich deals in matters of family law (divorce, wills, inheritances, child abduction, sperm theft, guardianship and more).  Over the years, Avivit Moskovich has helped thousands of clients succeed in divorce proceedings and has generated precedents in divorce cases, inheritance cases, child abduction and other cases.

Furthermore Avivit Moskovich has a history of developing winning strategies adapted precisely to each client she has dealt with.

Attorney Avivit Moskovich also serves as a notary public, mediator and arbitrator with a long record of cases she has guided swiftly and successfully to the satisfaction of her clients.

The firm is guided by a living and breathing credo: that above all, it is dealing with people and with human consequences.  Therefore Avivit Moskovich and her entire staff, aside from working with uncompromising professionalism, are committed and dedicated to the wellbeing of each client, particularly the implications of the legal proceedings for the children.

In order to lead clients to their desired target, attorney Avivit Moskovich and her staff labor tirelessly in each case in to prepare the client for deliberations, meetings with social services, and all other meetings in which the client is in need of preparation, support and assurance.  

Attorney Avivit Moskovich and her staff routinely deal with business and commercially oriented cases.  And  when the need arises, they handle crises involving family law including consulting with professionals based on the specific case.

Thanks to her sterling reputation and professionalism, acquired through vast experience in divorce cases, inheritances, wills, and child abductions to name a few, Avivit Moskovich is considered as a true authority in her field.

Numerous cases considered complex and even hopeless and lost have been handled by the firm of Avivit Moskovich and have concluded with a true victory for the client.

In the trail of her many years of practicing family law, attorney Avivit Moskovich has established an additional branch in New York.  The branch offers professional assistance in matters of family law, particularly divorce cases, based on domestic U.S. laws.

Furthermore, attorney Avivit Moskovich has established an international center for the release of agunot/agunim from around the world and has thus provided assistance in numerous cases that have been resolved and have ended the conflict.

Attorney Avivit Moskovich and her staff work under the banner of providing the utmost professional service to all their clients. They work devotedly from start to finish to resolve each case successfully.