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Divorce lawyer - Avivit Moskovich

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The law firm Avivit Moskovich was founded in 1999 and is one of the most prominent and respected in the field of family law and divorce. The firm is chosen year after year as one of the leading firms in the category, by the rating companies BDI and Dun’s 100.

The firm prides itself on a winning combination of uncompromising and long-standing professionalism alongside exceptional service. We are experts at developing winning strategies adapted precisely to each client and his specific circumstances of life.

We accompany each client in all stages of the process, with maximum sensitivity and dedication.


The firm deals with all aspects of family law – divorce, wills and inheritances, alimony and custody, civil marriages, financial agreements, child abduction, divorce refusals and more. Click for the full list of our services.

About Divorce Attorney -Avivit Moskovich

Attorney Avivit Moskovich, the founder of the firm, is recognized as an authority in the field of family law in Israel and is known for her innovative and ground-breaking legal approach, which leads to a backlog of impressive successes and achievements for clients over the years.

Attorney Moskovich’s belief is that, above all, the firm deals with human life, and therefore the firm’s team under its leadership sees itself as committed to the mental well-being of the clients and their children, and the consequences of the judicial process towards them.

Availability and accessibility for clients are a top value for Attorney Moskovitz, along with uncompromising excellence and professionalism.

Attorney Moskovich has extensive experience in litigation (both in civil and rabbinical courts), and is known for her eloquence and absolute control over every case. She is known for her professional abilities to retrieve complicated cases that are considered “lost” and extremely complex, including branched divorce cases with prominent financial aspects, inheritance cases and minor abduction cases.

Attorney Moskovich is also a certified notary, mediator and arbitrator, which gives her a broad perspective when it comes to family disputes and their quick, efficient and successful termination for the benefit of the firm’s clients.

The company is known as a high-quality boutique law firm that specializes in short and efficient treatment for our clients, and behind us is rich experience in dealing with the most sensitive issues, including tailoring a personal and precise suit and building an appropriate strategy to successfully complete each case to the satisfaction of our clients.

The firm’s Added Value:​

  • Seniority and expertise – our office consists of a highly skilled team of lawyers and jurists, whose specialty and sole practice is family law, under the direction of attorney Moskowitz. Most of the team members have over 20 years of professional experience.

  • Methodology – we have developed numerous tactics for solving complex cases within the family and extremely high negotiation skills, with proven successes. We examine each case individually and have extensive experience in managing cases and litigation in courts and rabbinical courts, along with extensive experience in reaching agreements, all according to the circumstances.

  • Transparency and reliability as a top value – we operate with complete transparency with our clients from the beginning of the process to the end. We present to each client to a relevant strategy, including reference to risks and opportunities.

  • Holistic approach – our office works with the best professionals in their field such as: psychologists, psychiatrists, marriage and family counsellors, economists, private investigators, real estate appraisers, rabbis and lawyers from around the world – all in order to provide the client with the most comprehensive support.

  • International relations – We are among the few firms in Israel that are members of the prestigious organization IAFL (the International Academy of Family Lawyers), which gives us extensive international relations in every country.

In addition, the firm has strategic collaborations with law firms throughout the United States, especially in Los Angeles and New York.

  • Financial cases – our office specializes in divorce cases with prominent business and commercial aspects and in doing so represents the owners of large and well-known companies in the Israeli economy.

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Services We Provide

Company specializations

Our company’s team specializes in family law, at every stage of life, and knows how to provide you with professional and personal service and build a leading and sophisticated strategy. We will accompany you in the happy moments, we will fight for you in unexpected difficulties, we will find a solution even for “lost” cases and above all we will be there for you to facilitate the complex processes.

Decisions related to divorce, such as child custody or alimony, have a great weight on our lives, so it’s worth treating them with sensitivity and attention. Attorneys at the company professionally handle all areas of law related to the divorce agreement, including: domestic peace agreement, mediation, child custody, child and spousal support, financial agreements, tort claims, property division, etc.
Divorce for company owners
Divorce is never a simple or pleasant process, but it is even more complex when significant financial matters are involved. We provide a professional and high-quality service to company owners and owners of money and assets, who want to divorce peacefully, with or without financial agreements, and take care of a division that will allow you to take off even the next day.
Inheritances and wills

Life is sometimes unpredictable, therefore a family law attorney specializing in wills and inheritances is needed in order to safeguard the future

Kidnapping children
Even before the official divorce or separation proceedings begin, there is the real danger of child abduction – a situation in which one of the parents takes the joint children without the consent of the other parent to another country, or does not return them at the end of a pre-agreed period. If there is a real fear of child abduction, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will do everything we can to handle the case in the most professional, sensitive and efficient manner.

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Since 1999

We do not like the word “victories”, because in complex family law, it is necessary to act with sensitivity and humanity and not in simplistic terms like “victory” or “loss”. We use the word success, and over 90% of the procedures we have handled over the past few years have ended successfully, with satisfied and happy clients who look to the future with satisfaction, and to start a new path.
Since 1999, the Avivit Moskowitz law firm has been leading the field of family law in Israel, with extensive activity in Israel, Europe and the USA, and with countless clients, success stories, appearances in the courts and tribunals, and countless successes have ranked the company as one of the leading companies in the economy in the legal field The family.

A brighter future is ahead

A brighter future is ahead

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The legal process is not simple without an experienced family law attorney’s office, which takes care of you with uncompromising professionalism, a personal relationship, and dedication to your situation, your future and the future of your children. Contact us.

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