Avivit Moskovich – Owner and Founder

Attorney Avivit Moskovich is vastly experienced in family law and has handled numerous cases in Israel and worldwide, including complicated divorce cases with major financial aspects, inheritance cases, child abduction cases and more.

Aside from being a distinguished attorney, Avivit Moskovich is a notary public, arbitrator and mediator in matters involving family law and business conflicts. She is experienced in managing highly complicated negotiations, including cases litigated in courts of law that have seemingly reached a dead end.

Attorney Avivit Moskovich is known in the Israeli law community as a professional who saves cases considered as ‘lost’. She possesses extensive knowledge in building a strategy tailored to each individual case.

She is the proprietor of an international center for releasing agunot/agunim from around the world, with a rich history of successes in this area. Furthermore, she writes numerous articles in the printed and online press, including articles connected issues on the public agenda.

Attorney Sigal Kidar Brettler

Holder of a master’s degree in law from Bar-Ilan University, Sigal has practiced law since 1999.

Attorney Sigal Kidar Brettler specializes in family and inheritance law. She has extensive experience and possesses remarkable people skills that have led to impressive results in the cases she’s handled. In working with clients, Sigal eases the minds of her clients who feel well-defended under her care.

Attorney Kidar Brettler utilizes her creative ability and experience in handling family disputes, with a bird’s eye overview. She has a long record of notable professional achievements that includes impressive appearances in legal proceedings.

Attorney Maya Cohen

Attorney Maya Cohen holds a bachelor’s degree (with distinction) in law and has been a certified lawyer since 2006. Maya Cohen is a skilled lawyer with extensive professional knowledge. She is highly experienced in handling intricate cases in family and inheritance law, and all relevant legal proceedings. In her handling of legal proceedings, attorney Maya Cohen is particularly gifted in her sensitivity to clients. She grants them the necessary support for executing deliberate tactics for handling the case. Attorney Maya Cohen frequently attends professional training sessions, presented by the Israel Bar Association’s Professional Training Institute, that develop extensive qualifications in family and inheritance law.

Attorney Sharon Manor

A graduate of the law faculty at Ono Academic College and holder of a law degree (LL.B), Sharon Manor has practiced as a certified lawyer since 2010. Additionally, she holds a master’s degree in education from Tel Aviv University and possesses experience in educational counseling. Attorney Manor began professional legal path in 2005, serving as an apprentice at the Avivit Moskovich Law Firm. She is highly sensitive to her clients’ emotional needs, among others, in legal cases and grants them the legal assistance and support needed to conclude the case successfully. Attorney Manor has participated in family law conferences and training sessions offered by the Israel Bar Association, and specializes in handling cases involving legacies, inheritances and wills.

Attorney Lior Gardel

Holder of a bachelor’s degree in law (LL.B), graduate of the faculty of law at the College of Law and Business, and certified for the practice of law in 2013.

Immediately upon her certification, Lior began practicing family & divorce law until joining our firm in March 2016.

Attorney Lior Gardel is gifted with excellent people skills and focuses on the specifics of each case and its circumstances. Listening attentively and supportively to the client, she provides professional guidance and accompaniment every step of the way.

Lior believes that in handling family cases, it is vital to tailor the legal process specifically to the client. She considers it a privilege and a challenge to assist the firm’s clients at this crucial time in their lives.

Attorney Gardel is endowed with an original legal mind and excellent abilities to mediate between parties—expressed in the high standard of service she extends to her clients.

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