Due to the frequency of divorces and civil marriages, formulating a financial agreement has become a highly conventional procedure among couples prior to the wedding. We view the drafting of such an agreement as an integral stage of wedding preparations, particularly if there is a large financial disparity between the sides…but not only.

Formulating a financial agreement is meant to impart a sense of security in the relationship. Defining understandings between the sides, in all matters relating to property and other aspects, should grant the couple a sense of comfort and security.

Why do you need a financial agreement?
With the help of a financial agreement, one can decide clearly what each spouse receives and how he/she will receive it in the event of divorce. Actually, drafting an agreement at an early stage of the relationship grants peace of mind to the sides and prevents future quarrels in judicial proceedings.

About to marry and institutionalize your relationship? Are you considered to be a common law couple? Or perhaps a married couple wishing to put in order all matters involving property?

Our professional and skilled team is at your service. We are able to formulate the best possible financial agreement for a couple. You may inquire further by filling out this form, or by phone at: 03-6133995 or 052-3986655.

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