Civil Marriages

In contrast with regular marriages, whose formal status is awarded by a representative of a religious institution (in Israel, by a rabbi), the formal status of a couple married in a civil ceremony is granted by a civil authority. Israel is the only democracy in the world where it is not legally possible to arrange a civil marriage. Notwithstanding, Israel recognizes the needs of registration and, under certain conditions, recognizes civil marriages arranged overseas, subject to legal and procedural requirements.

Numerous couples in Israel prefer civil marriages for various reasons—firstly and foremost their desire to break away from institutionalizing their connection through a rigid religious establishment that demands compliance with religious laws incompatible with the couple’s lifestyle and ideology. Occasionally this involves a couple that is disqualified from marriage such as a Cohen and a divorcee, etc.

If you wish to be married in a civil marriage we highly recommended that you do so with the accompaniment and assistance of an attorney experienced in family law and who is well-versed in the intricacies of this complex area. Furthermore, if you have been married in a civil ceremony and your marriage disintegrates, here too it is worthwhile contacting an attorney expert in family law.

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