Domestic peace and matrimonial reconciliation

The aim of all married couples is to live in domestic peace. Achieving harmony in the relationship without friction or disputes requires motivation and self-work on the part of the spouses. Domestic peace is vital for the home’s proper functioning and for maintaining a pleasant, conflict-free atmosphere.

The concept of matrimonial reconciliation comes up fairly often in divorce cases. It frequently happens that one of the spouses files for divorce while the other spouse claims that he/she wishes to arrive at matrimonial reconciliation.

Occasionally the side that seeks reconciliation indeed means it. However sometimes a request for reconciliation embodies a legal strategy meant to gain monies for the side making the request.

In most cases it is the woman who files for marital reconciliation. Often, the reason for this is that the woman doesn’t wish to block the path to filing a suit for receiving her ketubah (Jewish marriage contract) and/or receiving alimony. In cases where the side suing for divorce has no grounds for doing so, his/her suit is liable to be rejected, while the side requesting matrimonial reconciliation will achieve what he/she has sought. Naturally, one cannot force a person to live in domestic peace if he/she isn’t interested in doing so. Still, a person who has married according to Jewish law will require halachgrounds in order for his/her divorce suit to be accepted.

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