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The modern age is characterized by a growing percentage of divorcing couples worldwide. Data in Israel attests to the fact that one in every three couples divorce. In many cases divorces include emotional outbursts, provocations, and arguments over money and property between the sides. The situation is particularly difficult when it involves children.

In fact, divorce proceedings are in most cases a complex matter, and one must hire a suitable lawyer in order to arrive at a safe haven—as swiftly as possible and with the optimal result.

A divorce agreement drafted by an attorney expert in family law can simplify the process immeasurably and thus terminate the marriage in the easiest way possible—to the satisfaction of the sides and without hurting either of them. An agreement of this type is meant to arrange all details pertaining to alimony, division of property, child custody, visitation arrangements, and all other details relevant to the sides. It should be noted that the divorce agreement must be certified in a legal instance so as to gain the validity of a verdict.

In formulating a divorce agreement, the goal is to bring the sides into full agreement on all joint and relevant matters to the divorce while avoiding legal suits in family/rabbinical court in order to rule on disputes between the sides. Therefore a divorce agreement must be formulated by an experienced attorney.

Attorney Avivit Moskovich explains what a spouse needs to know in a divorce proceeding and how to arrive at an agreement that is good for all sides.

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