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Maintaining secrecy Maintaining secrecy is of decisive importance in a divorce proceeding. A divorce is difficult for couples emotionally, thus

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Divorce Agreement

The modern age is characterized by a growing percentage of divorcing couples worldwide. Data in Israel attests to the fact

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Financial Agreement

Due to the frequency of divorces and civil marriages, formulating a financial agreement has become a highly conventional procedure among

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Child Support Payments

Contact the firm of attorney and notary public Avivit Moskovich today. She specializes in legal representation and accompaniment, including cases

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Child Custody

Contact the firm of attorney and N.P. Avivit Moskovich today. She specializes in legal representation and accompaniment in child custody

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Civil Marriages

In contrast with regular marriages, whose formal status is awarded by a representative of a religious institution (in Israel, by

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Child Abduction

If the final stamp of each divorce conflict would issue from a formal verdict, the conflict would remain inside the

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Sperm Theft

Do you suspect your sperm has been stolen? Were you told you’re about to become a father—despite your explicit objection

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Family Attorney

A family attorney—an expert in divorce agreements, alimony, wills, financial agreements, family violence, child abduction, matrimonial reconciliation and more—can supply

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