Business department

Our firm specializes in divorce cases involving major financial aspects and represents, among others, owners of large and well-known companies in Israel as well as second sides involved in litigation against company owners.

In addition our firm represents businessmen and businesswomen as well as spouses of businesspersons in numerous countries.

Our firm has extensive expertise in devising strategy for cases involving businesspeople and possesses tools for creating winning strategies in divorce cases involving business and commercial aspects.

It is important to bear in mind that for family law cases involving companies and multiple assets, it is vital for the law firm to specialize in cases with a commercial and financial orientation.

Clients should understand that beyond resolving financial issues of rights, savings and so forth accumulated during the course of a marriage/partnership, reputation is also a detachable asset that occasionally involves significant sums. Such sums you might be required to pay or, alternatively, are entitled to receive.

Department for serving the Haredi community

he Avivit Moskovich Law Firm handles family law cases for a variety of clients and from all sectors including foreign citizens. We also have a branch in New York. Our firm specializes in divorce cases, including particularly complex ones, as well as family law cases for the Haredi sector. We are attuned to all of the nuances and sensitivities involved in Haredi divorce cases and can offer unique and creative solutions with a track record of successful results. Furthermore, our firm exercises the utmost discretion—based on the implications of a divorce case in the Haredi sector. We know how to handle such cases in the best way possible and guide our clients, faithfully and with sensitivity, to the best possible result.

Department for career soldiers and security forces

Without a doubt, divorces cases involving career soldiers and security forces are of a special nature. More than once, these are individuals who spend long periods away from home although occasionally, they serve close to home but are extraordinarily dedicated to their work.

It is extremely important to bear in mind that a law firm dealing with such divorce cases must possess expertise in apportioning rights of career soldiers and security forces—including pension plans—and be well-versed in the financial intricacies and sensitivities involved in these cases.

Avivit Moskovich Law Firm possesses vast experience in working with career soldiers as well as IDF and security force retirees. We are able to assist them with creative and sophisticated solutions that conclude divorce cases with the optimal result.

Department for same-sex couples

This past decade has redefined the concept of ‘family’. Today it is universally known that a family does not necessarily entail a father, mother and children. It is now acknowledged that there are different sorts of families.

As in all areas of Jewish capital law, here too when a family or relationship dissolves, there are problems that are uniquely specific to this sector. Same-sex couple cases raise questions that are occasionally unprecedented in family courts.

There is no doubt that when a same-sex relationship dissolves, the question of civil alimony arises concerning the individual who has been dependent on his/her partner.

In such a situation, other issues arise as well, including division of property, child support, visitation rights, custody and more. There are also cases in which a party that has not given birth to the child sues to establish his/her psychological parenthood of the minor—founded on the argument that both sides previously agreed, explicitly or implicitly, on joint parenthood in every respect.

The law firm of Avivit Moskovich possesses expertise in handling all aspects of cases involving same-sex couples in crisis or in the event of a death. We are able to provide judicious solutions that serve the side that engages our firm’s services in the interest of continuing his/her life in the best way possible.

Department for foreign residents

There are Jews living in numerous countries around the world; in the majority of civil cases, they can be served by a local attorney. Notwithstanding, more than once we have encountered divorce cases involving Jewish couples beset by problems such as refusal to grant a Jewish divorce, instances of ‘aginut’ (a Jewish women remaining ‘chained’ to her marriage despite an absent husband) and dividing property in Israel, to name a few.

In fact, an acute problem exists around the world concerning ‘get’ (Jewish divorce) refusals and ‘aginut’ because, unlike Israel, foreign courts have no written laws or sanctions involving ‘get’ refusals. Therefore, individuals living overseas who are the victims of ‘get’ refusals suffer from a twofold problem. Our firm offers solutions for such problems and has expertise in handling divorce cases worldwide.

We have successfully managed the most complex and intricate of divorce cases, including for clients in the U.S., Britain, France, Italy, Spain and other countries.

Furthermore our firm has extensive overseas relationships, including with numerous recognized courts. We are able to make the necessary contacts in order to expediently handle ‘get’ cases and all other matters relating to divorce cases.

Our firm is able to assist you with creative and sophisticated solutions—all in consideration of your specific needs and with a commitment to providing personalized and professional service that leads to a successful result.

Common Law department

Contemporary Israeli reality has led numerous couples to decide on living shared lives in every respect, without getting legally married. At Avivit Moskovich Law Firm we provide our clients with a professional response to all of the complex issues that arise in cases of separating common-law couples. This includes the need to balance rights between the sides as well as fighting vigorously to obtain equal rights for common law couples as compared to legally married couples.

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